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The True Value of Green

Front Load Washer & Dryer

Who doesn't want to improve their quality of life, be less impactful on our environment, and save money all at the same time? One way to do all three of these things is by buying energy efficient appliances. Our home appliances take up most of our energy consumption and take a toll on our environment. In the US most of our energy is still from nonrenewable sources, such as fossil fuels and nuclear energy, which has a huge impact on our planet! When we have appliances that are not energy efficient it wastes important resources and costs more money!

By going green, we can save green! Buying energy efficient appliances can save you 30 % or more on your energy bill every month! This is something everyone can be pleased with; at the same time these appliances are lessening our energy use which helps our environment. An easy way to go green with buying new appliances is by looking for Energy Star rated or certified appliances. Energy Star is a voluntary U.S. Environmental Protection Agency government program that assists both businesses and consumers in saving money and protecting our planet by being more energy efficient. Different examples of energy efficient appliances are dishwashers and washing machines. They can use less water and a more efficient shorter cycle. Dryers that are energy efficient use less energy in a drying cycle.

Energy Star Information

Buying appliances that are produced using recycled materials can be a cheaper option, but won’t save you on your energy bill. It can be less impactful to keep on using older machines and replace some of the parts. You can even look into buying reclaimed and used appliances as an option, but is not as energy efficient as buying an Energy Star rated machine.

The process of living a greener lifestyle can be overwhelming, from a first glance. We have been conditioned to live a life in the manner that is not always thoughtful towards our environment. The good news is that going green with your appliances can’t be any easier now-a-day, and will not only help our planet, but will also save you money! So when shopping around always look for the Energy Star certification logo or ask your sales representative if the appliance is Energy Star rated.

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