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Kitchen Disposal Advice

Industry standard: Keep your dishwasher and garbage disposal approximately the same age. The performance of each, go hand in hand. If one is not functioning as designed it will age or limit performance of the other.

Garbage disposal hooked up to sink and dishwasher

Things you SHOULD be doing:

  • Proper use and conducting regular maintenance of your garbage disposal will help it last longer and prevent plumbing emergencies in your Colorado home.

  • Run your garbage disposal on a regular basis. Infrequent use can cause rust, corrosion, and clogs.

  • Putting ice cubes through the garbage disposal will keep the blades sharp and clean. Once in awhile, freeze vinegar into cubes and run those through as well.

  • Keep it clean – run lemon and orange peels through the drain. The citrus will clean the garbage disposal and leave it smelling fresh.

  • Use only cold water at full blast when running the garbage disposal, and keep your garbage disposal running until all the food has been ground up. Continue to let the water run for another minute to ensure all food particles have been flushed out.

  • Run your dishwasher AFTER using your garbage disposal. Dishwashers and garbage disposals drain into the same pipe, so using the garbage disposal beforehand will ensure the pipe is clear.

Things you should NEVER do:

  • The garbage disposal should NEVER be used for any non-food product that is not bio-degradable. Save yourself from having to call a handyman or plumber by following these guidelines.

  • NEVER pour coffee grounds, grease, fats or oil down the drain. These will build up in the pipes and cause blockages.

  • NEVER use the garbage disposal to grind fibrous foods (corn husks, onion peels, celery stalks, etc). These fibers will get wrapped around the blades and cause the motor to burn out.

  • NEVER pour any chemicals down the disposal. If you must use one, choose Borax.  Harsh chemicals can cause damage to pipes and blades.

Garbage disposal for food waste

Things to Remember:

  • NEVER stick your hand down the garbage disposal without first unplugging it. Once it’s been unplugged, wear safety gloves and goggles to protect yourself.

  • If something has fallen into the disposal, try alternate options first. Use an extra long pair of needle-nose pliers or a bent wire hanger to remove the object.

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