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FOLLOW YOUR HEART....IT WILL LEAD YOU TO THE FRIDGE! (4 Different Refrigerator Styles)

Undoubtedly, the most important appliance in our home is the refrigerator. There was a time before this invention that it was near impossible for us to store perishable foods; we had to smoke meats, pickle vegetables, and can fruits to increase their shelf life. These days we no longer worry about preserving our perishables, we worry about all the choices of refrigerator has benefits based on your living space, lifestyle, and how of refrigerators out there! But what's better, a French door, a top mount, a bottom mount or a side by side? It's not a one size fits all answer, each style many people are using it.

Top Mount Refrigerator Stainless Steel

Top Mount

Top mount refrigerators are the most traditional in design; freezer on top and fridge part on bottom. Typically, this style of fridge takes up less space than a side by side or French door and in general top mount advantage to the top mount is the large amount of usable storage space, fridges are the lowest priced, depending on the brand and features. Another advantage to the top mount is the large amount of usable storage space, especially for their width. Lastly, this style of fridge consumes less energy.

Bottom Mount Refrigerator Stainless Steel

Bottom Mount

The bottom mount refrigerator has the same benefit of saving space as the top mount, but the freezer is on the bottom and the fridge area is on the top.  One particular benefit for freezer space in a bottom mount is that the icemaker in this design is attached at the top section, thus freeing up more space to be used. In addition, many people find it more convenient to closer to eye level. This style of fridge is more expensive than the top mount, have the refrigerator part on top because it is more accessible and puts food which may affect your purchasing decision.

Side By Side

In the 1990's the refrigerator that ruled the market was the side by side design. This style has the refrigerator on the right side and the freezer section on the left, which makes access to both the freezer and fridge easier.  This design allows items to be more reachable so you are not you want out of the reach of children on the taller shelves. Side by side's holding the door open as long, as well as the added benefit of putting items walkways or large islands. There are also options for adding an ice and water have a smaller door width, which can be useful for kitchens with narrow and fridge sections are narrow and you may have issues trying to fit larger dispenser to these fridges. A drawback to this design is that both the freezer platters, pizzas or bulkier items.

French Door Refrigerator Black Stainless Steel

French Door

Lastly, we have the French door refrigerator, this style has become the popular in recent years. The design is a combination of a bottom mount and side by side; the fridge section is on top with a double door opening and the freezer is on bottom as a pull out drawer. For this your crisper people which cuts out all the bending down to get your food. The convenience of drawers are in a higher area and makes it more visible and accessible for items, and has the freezer drawer on bottom with the less frequently used having a large fridge area on top gives you immediate access to frequently used doors are great for narrow areas or closely placed islands because of their products, increasing your kitchen efficiency. Similar to the side by side, the smaller door width. The double door design in the fridge section of this of the French door fridge is the cost; this style does tend to be the most appliance allows for the easy storage of platters, cakes and larger food items that might not fit in a traditional refrigerator. The only foreseeable pitfall expensive. There are also different door options such as 3 doors, 4 doors, and even 5 doors for even more convenience.

Whatever refrigerator you chose, for whatever the reason you chose it, is the heart of your home. Our fridges do the important job of keeping all the food for our meals fresh and improve our lives exponentially. We have come a long way in the world of refrigerators; there are all different styles and features that can be customized for anyone or any space!

Ready to check them out for yourself? Talk to one of our Account Managers and they can find the best refrigerator for you.

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